Tuff Chin Backorders – Out of Stock

Tuff Chin backorder. Tuff Chin would like to inform you that due to the increased popularity and demand for the Tuff Chin wrestling chin cup, our product inventory has been depleted for the near future.

You may continue to place orders for the Tuff Chin cup, which will go into the backorder queue. To show our appreciation, backordered customers will receive an FREE extra soft insert ($10 value) with their Tuff Chin, courtesy of the Tuff Chin team. Even better, we are coming out with a new Tuff Chin, version 2.0, and you will receive the new improved chin cup with your backorder.

We will notify you when our inventory is replenished, and will ship backorders immediately.

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Phone: (970) 236-6397
Email: win@tuffchin.com

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