The Tuff Chin Story

Tuff Chin was developed for wrestlers by wrestlers.

The story of Tuff Chin began with Garrett Reece, 11 years old, in 2017. Garrett has been wrestling since the age of 5, and competes in all three styles of wrestling; Folk style, Free style, Greco Roman.

In 2017, Garrett was 10 years old, and wrestling for third place at the Tulsa Nationals. He was wearing the Morgan Head gear with the basic generic plastic chin cup that wrestlers have been using forever.

During this match at the Tulsa Nationals, Garrett’s chin cup slipped down over his throat, dug into his wind pipe, making it difficult to breath, and he lost the match. The generic, standard style chin cups are cut deep, do not fit the chin well, use low grade plastic, and oftentimes slip up over the wrestlers face or nose, or down on a wrestlers neck during matches. This problem makes it difficult for wrestlers to perform at their highest level at all times.

After losing the Tulsa Nationals match, Garrett asked his father, Vince, if there was a better performing chin cup available, that wouldn’t slip off your chin during a match, was more comfortable, and higher performing. They searched and searched, and realized there wasn’t one available.

Garrett knew there was a need for a better designed chin cup, and that there had to be a better way. Since there was no high performing chin cup available on the market, Vince and Garrett began experimenting with covers for the existing cups, and other ideas to make a better chin cup in their living room in Parker, Colorado.

For over a year they worked on designing a new, higher performing, safer, and more comfortable chin cup. Once they had come up with a final design, they proceeded to get the first prototype made in May 2017, and filed patents. The design was tested, refined, and redesigned for over a year to get the perfect product for youth, high school, college, professional, and recreational athletes. Tuff Chin is currently patent pending, and Tuff Chin is a registered trademark.

Tuff Chin has been tested and worn by nationally ranked wrestlers throughout the U.S., and the response and reviews have been extremely positive from wrestlers, coaches, and parents. We feel we have come up with the perfect chin cup that can be used on wrestling headgear. Tuff Chin will allow wrestlers to increase their performance, safety, and comfort.